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  • It doesn't matter who made it,
  • It doesn't matter when it was made,
  • It doesn't matter what it does,
  • If it's electronics, we can:
  • Repair,  Supply  and  Exchange

  • NS Automation is a service company and a supplier of new, used, refurbished and obsolete Industrial Automation products. Our company is every year growing in knowledge and turnover, we continue investing in our staff and test system to be able to be the best in maintenance of Industrial Electronics. Our high quality experienced engineers are now able to repair and test more than 35000 parts a year using our excellent tools and test facilities.

Clean, Test and Protective Coat...

all industrial electronics, 

    In majority of factories electronics are exposed to various environmental impacts such as dirt, dust, grease or other lubricants, which in effect are responsible for many shutdowns and business outages. For this, we offer you an excellent cleaning service by removing the dirt using ultrasonic vibrations. Once the part is cleaned we then apply a high quality protective coating to protect it from external future impacts.

For the defective parts that require repair, our cleaning process is supported by tools that enable our engineers to have a clear view of the board and therefore help them diagnose and troubleshoot faults quickly and efficiently.

We have 15,541 parts in stock, and we're able to repair 187,174 parts made by over 2000 different manufactures...

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NS Automation is the choice for a Non Stop Automation

We provide an option for the customers to expand the life-cycle of installed systems including "End of Life" products. Stable and safe usage, and a satisfactory depreciation period, is after all a major anticipation for the often expensive investments related to industrial electronic systems.


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