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We offer you:

  • - Professional and quick repair
  • - Fixed prices for repair
  • - No Cure No Pay Policy
  • - One year warranty
  • - 'End of Life' electronics repair
  • - Comprehensive stock of spare parts and complete systems
  • - Scalable test facilities
  • - Recovery, cleaning and testing
  • - Brand independent repair

Stable and safe usage, and a satisfactory depreciation period, is after all a major anticipation for the often expensive investments related to industrial electronic systems. Based on the same principle, NS Automation offers fast repair and services for systems which are no longer supported by the manufacturer, the so-called 'end of life' products.

NS Automation is a ONE STOP SHOP for all your needs. We repair and supply all kinds of PLC's, Power Supplies, Drives, HMI, Frequency drives, Servo Drives, CNC, Robotic Electronics, Servo Motors and all other industrial electronics.  




We repairs all kinds of PLC's. Brand independent, Fixed price, No Cure No Pay and a warranty of one year, this all applies on                                                                                                                                                     

  • - CPUs
  • - I/O modules
  • - Power supplies
  • - Interface cards
  • - Programmer devices
  • - Industral PCs
  • - Industrial networks
    • * Profibus
    • * Profinet
    • * Ethernet
    • * ASI-bus
    • * Interbus
    • * CAN-bus
    • * Device Net
    • * RS422/485
    • * Sercos


Frequency Drives:

We have a lot of experience in repairing different brands, types and series, from the oldest to the latest models. NS Automation has an extensive test centre where if necessary, can test by high and continuous power up to 110 kW. 


Buying in new HMIs often results in changing installation dimensions. You don’t have this problem if the defective item is repaired. That is why NS Automation offers a wide range of possibilities in the repair of HMIs. We have a wide range of foils and displays on stock for replacement. If the original foil is not available anymore an in-house developed replacement foil is used, if possible. 

Servo Drives:

We have a lot of experience in repairing different brands, types and series, from the oldest to the latest servo drives. We do not only replace the defective components, we replace all the time critical components to avoid any defect in a short period of time


Reparing a CNC equipment is an important, but complex process. Our Engineers are fully trained to service any type of CNC electronics. We carry many test systems for CNC electronics like Fanuc, Bosch Rexroth, Siemens, Heiden Hein, Siemens ..etc.. 

Robotic Electronics:

Our Robot center gives us the opportunity to repair and test all kinds of Robotic electronics. We repair

  •  - Servo drives used in robotics
  •  - Teach pendants
  •  - Processor boards
  •  - Servo processor boards
  •  - Safety boards
  •  - System I/O boards
  •  - Network interface boards
  •  - Power supplies

Servo Motors:

Every servo motor that we repair is fully tested, cleaned and returned to you in like-new condition. The repair of Servo Motors consists of:

  • - Clean the motor from grease in order to diagnose the defect
  • - Cleaning / sand blasting
  • - Refurbishing of damaged rotor shafts and balancing
  • - Replace Bearings
  • - Replace / repair encoders
  • - Replace winding
  • - Coating
  • - Adjusting / testing testing under power when possible 


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